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De Hunker Bunker's events
Tue 23rd Apr
On the 23rd of April yet another Bunkernight is hosted!

This time, a typical both Dutch and Spring theme has been chosen: Lekker op d'n Trekker. For all non-Dutchies, this roughly translates to 'Nice on the Tractor'. Doesn't really have the same ring to it unfortunately, but it'll have to do.
Anyway, now that the (actual not so) cold Winter has passed, it is time for farmers to man their Trekkers and start with the work on the growing season of theur crops. And of course, after a tough day of hard labour, every farmer likes to chill with a good ol' pint.

But so do students! Don't we? So let's follow their wise routine and come and have a nice pint at the Bunker!

See you on the 23rd of April!
Hunker Bunker
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Thu 25th Apr
Hi everyone!
On the 25th of April we are teaming up with Alchemica, Codon and some of our sister associations for a great party in the Bunker. The theme is Kingsday – Prins Pils. So put on your best orange outfit and join us! We will start at 23:00 (doors will close at 1:00) and the costs are 2 euros.
Hope to see you there!

The Conneccie, Nicolas Appert
Hunker Bunker
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